Cats And Coronavirus – Keep Your Little Felines Indoors Since They Can Get COVID-19

Cats And Coronavirus – Keep Your Little Felines Indoors Since They Can Get COVID-19

Veterinary researchers have advised cat owners to be careful with their beloved pets and keep them indoors as much as possible due to COVID-19 spread concerns. According to the British Veterinary Association, cats and coronavirus might have a special relationship, as per BBC. Cats owners shouldn’t worry about any risks of infection from cats. Luckily, there are no cases of a pet cat or dog infecting a human with a new type of coronavirus. But, a recent study has explained how cats might be able to contract the virus from other cats.

Recent Study Recommends Keep a Watchful Eye on Our Cats

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) recommends cat owners to take extra cautions, but only if “someone in their household showed symptoms.” Cats seem to be more susceptible to infection from respiratory droplets. The Belgium case, where a pet cat was tested positive almost a week after its owner got symptoms, is now under investigation. It sure did raise lots of concerns, but until verified tests, we cannot know.

Researchers in China performed a series of tests that offered proof of infected cats transmitting the new type of coronavirus to other cats. There is also proof that humans can transmit respiratory infections to some wild giant apes. Such a thing makes the worldwide spread of COVID-19 a concern for those who work to protect endangered animals. In all of these cases, however, the infected humans pose a concern to other species.

The Cats and Coronavirus Situation

“We know that the virus did make the jump from an animal into humans [at the beginning of the crisis], but that appears to be because people were eating those infected animals,” explained Professor Bryan Charleston from the UK’s Pirbright Institute.

Pet owners should take care of their beloved pets and treat them like other people in their family. If you’re feeling sick, try to stay away as much as possible from your pet, such as cats. Cats and coronavirus? That link might be possible, so you should keep your pets safe.

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