Cannabis Oil Helps A Teenager Keep Rare Epilepsy Under Control

Cannabis Oil Helps A Teenager Keep Rare Epilepsy Under Control

According to the mother, a teenage girl with a rare epilepsy form known as the Dravet syndrome managed to reduce the frequency of the seizures by up to 90% using cannabis oil. The young girl, Abigail Weightman, 16, was suffering from about 9-10 seizures each month, but that burden ended when she signed up for a study conducted at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

“While this was a significant improvement from where she’d been when she was younger, we still were looking for something for better seizure control, because every time she had a seizure, she would lose more cognitive and developmental skills,” said Abigail’s mother, Laura Weightman.

Abigail Weightman was diagnosed with the Dravet syndrome which is a rare form of epilepsy characterized by frequent and violent seizures. Luckily, in March 2017, the teenager decided to sign up for a trial involving cannabis oil at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. In just one month, in April 2017, Abigail experienced only four seizures, instead of 9-10, as she was usually experiencing.

Cannabis oil reduced rare epilepsy seizures frequency

Moreover, since December last year and up until now, Abigail only experienced three seizures.

“It’s been life-changing. Before, the seizures would make her tired, lethargic. She wasn’t really aware of what was going on around her a lot of the time. Now she’s so engaged with the world. She’s trying to say new words, and she’s interacting with her family and friends. It’s just been fantastic,” said Laura Weightman.

Before signing up for the trial involving cannabis oil, the family tried treating Abigail’s rare epilepsy with prescribed medications, including the newest and most potent ones, but none had the same beneficial effect as the THC-rich oil. Also, according to the girls’ parents, Abigail is not experiencing any notable side-effects, besides the decreased appetite she suffered from at the beginning of the therapy.

“I think cannabis oil is a very effective treatment, with the side effects being minimal, of what we’ve seen,” said Abigail’s mother.


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