Brain Injuries Can Be Treated With Just One, New Device

Brain Injuries Can Be Treated With Just One, New Device

Brain injuries are very dangerous and unpredictable. For a long time researchers have tried to come up with a mechanism that could treat and even repair brain injuries. A team of researchers from the Ohio State University has invented the perfect device for it

The Tissue Nanotransfection

According to its inventors, this technology can heal organisms in seconds. The Tissue Nanotrasfection (TNT) can save millions of lives, especially car crash victims or soldiers. The device is of the size of a dime and it is in fact a silicon chip capable of injecting genetic code into skin cells. By doing so, the device turn the skin cells into other cell types which are required to treat the patient’s disease. During lab tests the TNT used on mice managed to repair injured legs in three weeks by turning skin cells into vascular ones.

The researchers give more details about TNT

Chandan Sen director for the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapies declared that TNT can actually restore any type of tissues, not only skin cells. By using TNT’s technology, the researchers managed to restore a mouse’s brain function after it suffered a stroke. What they did was they used the TNT to grow brain cells on the mouse’s skin.

This breakthrough technology can help millions since all current methods involve very high risks and give less positive results. The TNT has no side effects so far and applying the treatment only lasts less than a second.

Sen also declared that this technology is also very beneficial because it can be executed on the spot, without requiring hospitalization first. The chip weights only 100 grams and it can last for a very long time. The researchers still wait for FDA approval and for the first time in four years since they started the project, the researchers will be able to test TNT on humans.


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