Best Protective Mask Against Coronavirus

Best Protective Mask Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus is making people around the world more and more cautious. As a step to protect themselves from the viral virus that seems to spread quite widely, people turned their heads toward protective masks. To be more specific, a certain type of protective face cover called N95.

N95 protective masks

The increasing number of sales of the N95 face cover made Providence Health Care to adjust the way it handles its face protective mask stock. The health care company decided to monitor its masks supply more thoroughly. They also delivered a message to the staff as a reminder of the appropriate use of the masks.

“These specialized masks are only worn by our health-care workers for specific procedures in which aerosol sprays may be generated,” a Providence spokesperson told CBC News.

The organization operates medical equipment in hospitals such as Vancouver’s St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals. Their fundamental point is to have appropriate safety equipment for the appointed staff, hence the reason to centralized its protective masks in order to keep a closer eye on the distribution of N95 face masks.

So far, there have not been any reported stolen N95 face masks, and the staff hasn’t faced the challenge of a protective masks shortage, according to Providence Health Care.

The official advice regarding N95 masks

Here is the advice from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control for the public uses the masks: “You should wear a mask if you’re sick to prevent transmission to other people. But it is less effective if you’re healthy and masks may give a person a false sense of security and increase face touching when the mask needs adjustment.”

We think that the B.C. Centre for Disease Control message is simple, clear and therefore, the already N95 protective masks users should take into account their advice as well as the future willing users.

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