Best Natural Methods To Fight Migraines

Best Natural Methods To Fight Migraines

We have all been there. A migraine is a head-splitting ache which is often combined with other unpleasant symptoms like light sensibility nausea, able to ruin even the brightest of days. Here are the best natural methods to fight migraines.

Migraines seem to more common in women but according to official statistics over 2.7 million Canadians were affected at least once by a migraine. It is likely that the number could be much more significant since most people won’t go to the doctor for a minor headache. Other studies have shown that less than half of Canadians didn’t take specialized medication. Most of them declared that they didn’t need prescription drugs.

Research suggests that the migraines are usually inherited from our ancestors. Some elements present in the environment can serve as a trigger for a migraine attack. Below you can find a list of simple remedies which could alleviate your pains without the need to resort to professional medication.

Best Natural Methods To Fight Migraines


Coffee is well-known as a popular remedy for migraines. They work best if the patient doesn’t regularly drink products rich in caffeine. If you don’t drink them at all a typical cola should be enough to solve the problem.


Over-the-counter painkillers are always helpful, although they are not precisely one of the natural methods to fight migraines. It is best to take an aspirin when the first signs start to appear. Three tablets of aspirin will turn the pain away. If you take other medications, it is advised to consult your doctor before you take aspirin since it may interact with other drugs. And aspirin is made of salicylic acid, mostly, which is extracted from white willow tree’s bark. Thus, it could be considered natural to some extent.

CBT and mindfulness

A recent study suggests that patients who received training in behavioral and cognitive skills were able to combat some of the symptoms caused by migraines. The techniques won’t cure the headaches immediately, but they can be quite helpful in the long run.


Exercises are a great prevention method which can reduce the change of migraines. But exercising while you have migraines is not a great idea since it will increase the feeling of pain.

Know the enemy

Avoiding triggers is a great idea. These can range from lack of sleep to stress, weather conditions, and other factors.


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