The Best Mental Health Apps

The Best Mental Health Apps

The incidence and prevalence of mental illness in our world are steadily rising. In the US, for example, there are around 50 million people who are suffering from a mental health condition. Fortunately, various mobile apps are available to help people with mental disorders manage their conditions and improve their mental health. These mental health apps focus on protecting and improving the mental health through techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Here is a list of the best mental health apps that can improve wellbeing and can be beneficial to mental health.

It’s based on meditation techniques to help you increase your performance. It has tools to help you be happier and healthier, physically and mentally. Improves relationship, brings calmness, helps you organize your mind, and reduces stress, through meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises.

It’s free for Android and iOS.

Developed to reduce anxiety, Calm improves sleep and increase happiness, according to its developers. It targets four key areas such as meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation.

Calm offers a series of meditation exercises to reduce stress, breathing programs, music, and sounds of nature to relax mind and body and improve sleep.

It’s free for both Android and iOS.

The application asks for a response to a series of daily questions to estimate wellbeing and the symptoms of depression. The app has the ability to analyze the level of awareness of thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

It features over 150 videos and psychological exercises to help you analyze and understand your mental state.

It’s free for Android and iOS.

It’s like a personal daily diary and a journal of state and mood. Based on special algorithms, it can identify certain feelings and improves thinking and reasoning by implementing cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology techniques.

It is available for iPhone only and costs $3.99.

It is an application designed to reduce anxiety and stress, and also provides support for a group with similar problems. Helps break out vicious circles of harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, and relaxation.

It’s free for both Android and iOS.

Provides online therapy and emotional support for people with depression and anxiety. There are 160,000 attended listeners and psychologists available to discuss anonymously with you, 24/7.

The listener can be searched and chosen on the basis of experience and specialization, such as bullying, panic attacks, eating disorders, relationships etc.

The application can be downloaded for Android and iOS for free, but some services will be chargeable.

It is like a game, focused on increasing mental resilience and the ability to remain strongly anchored in reality, optimistic, and motivated. SuperBetter promotes an improved state of mind, reducing anxiety symptoms and depression, and increasing self-confidence.

It’s free for iOS and Android.

It is an application for reducing negative thoughts, stress, and increasing mental resilience. Stressed, anxious, and sad people can, therefore, be helped to regain control and wellbeing.

It also provides activities and games to increase life satisfaction and reduce negativity.

It’s free for Android and iOS.

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis

It focuses on the idea that hypnosis can induce relaxation, reducing anxiety. It features audio sessions read by a psychologist specialized in hypnosis with relaxing music while sounds of nature play in the background to induce relaxation.

The app is free for Android and iPhone.

It is a counseling and therapy application that connects users with similar problems, being a convenient, cheap, and confidential method to discuss and reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic disease.

The app can be downloaded for free but some services will be chargeable.


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