Best Ancestry DNA Tests And How They Work

Best Ancestry DNA Tests And How They Work

On the market, there are only some distinct kinds of ancestry DNA tests. For those who want to discover their origins, in this article, I will show you the 3 best ancestry DNA tests to discover your origins.

How Are The DNA Tests Working?

In general, DNA tests are divided into three main categories, depending on how they work, namely, mitochondrial, Y-chromosome tests, and autosomal.

Every one in part works somehow distinctly, and, of course, some DNA tests are better than others.

All DNA testings start in the same manner, implying gathering the DNA samples from the subject/s. This procedure may be conducted in different ways, including saliva sample, blood sample, hair sample, and so on. Practically, every part of the human body, from hair to bodily fluids contain our DNA. However, the do-it-at-home DNA tests are usually using saliva samples.

Mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondrial DNA, also known as “maternal origin tests”, is that specific type of DNA information that is transferred to newborns from their mothers. The mitochondrial DNA information presents only some base pairs in comparison to the full human genome.

Mitochondrial DNA testing is usually done to discover the ancestors of an individual on the mother’s bloodline.

Y-chromosome DNA

Y-chromosome testing, also known as a paternity test, is a DNA testing that can only be taken by males because they present XY chromosome pairs.

Usually used to determine the paternity or to depicts if two different individuals are paternally related, Y-chromosome DNA testings may be applied to discover a man’s ancestors ethnic group.

Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA testing is targeting all the 22 chromosomal pairs and, therefore, is suitable for both men and women. The humans 22 chromosomal pairs possess the characteristics of all the ancestors of an individual, both father’s and mother’s bloodlines.

The autosomal DNA tests’ information is gathered from an individual and compared with a DNA database to depict matches, also known as similar patterns an individual might share with other people.

The 3 Best Ancestry DNA Tests To Discover Your Origins

Vitagene DNA Test Kit: Ancestry + Health Personal Genetic Reports

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Vitagene DNA Ancestry + Health covers the categorization of your bloodline plus a personalized review of your nutrition habits, training, and supplementation.

Your outcomes will combine comprehensive food and supplementation lists and customizable workout programs constructed particularly on the basis of your DNA and lifestyle choices, all besides your bloodline heritage information.

Vitagene DNA testing kit uses saliva samples.

This Vitagene DNA Test Kit got 3.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon from 254 reviews.

Rapid Paternity DNA Test Kit

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The Rapid Paternity Test Kit packs all the needed tools to ease-up the sample collection and submission.

Also, a manual with easy-to-follow instructions and a special samples recipient are included to increase the effectiveness of the DNA testing process.

The Rapid Paternity Test Kit offers fast and accurate results. The products got 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon from 234 reviews

AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing – DNA Ancestry Test Kit

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AncestryDNA testing is trusted by people who want to discover precious data about their origins, for more than two decades.

The AncestryDNA package incorporates guidelines and a tube to collect the saliva sample, plus other elements designed to ease-up the whole process to send and receive the results.

AncestryDNA is respecting people’s privacy and is offering lots of information and support for their clients. This DNA testing is the #1 Best Seller in the Health Home Testings on Amazon and got 3.9 stars out of 5 from more than 2,600 reviews.

The Bottom Line

If you want to discover your origins and ancestors or to learn about what your DNA says about what lifestyle you should adopt, then an ancestry DNA test is ideal for you.

The 3 best ancestry DNA tests presented here come with everything you need to collect the necessary samples and to send them to the lab. Plus, all the costs are covered by the initial price of the DNA tests, so no hidden fees or shipping fees are applied, whatsoever.


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