Belly Fat Affects People’s Fluid Intelligence

Belly Fat Affects People’s Fluid Intelligence

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think fast, reason abstractly, and solve problems. It’s a type of intelligence that relates to short-term memory. Our fluid intelligence is considered independent of comprehension, learning, experience, and education; however, they work concerning all these essential skills. An example of fluid intelligence is solving puzzles. This kind of intelligence reaches its peak at the age of 20 after it decreases slowly.

Belly fat affects our fluid intelligence

Researchers from Iowa State University, published in the November 2019 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, which explains how fluid intelligence is related to body fat, more specifically belly fat. It looks like the decrease stage of fluid intelligence is responsible for men’s muscle loss and the excess of visceral fat, or “beer belly.”

The accumulation of body fat often begins in middle age and continues into old age. Visceral fat is known as central obesity, in which fat is deposited on the hips and buttocks. This strange study suggests how lifestyle, dieting, and exercising can prevent or delay fluid intelligence decline.

Researchers have examined more than 4,000 middle-to-older-aged men and women compering the data to reported modifications in fluid intelligence over six years. Results are different for women than for men. For women, excess abdominal fat might be due to changes in the immunity system. Though this is not the same case for men, more studies must be conducted to find out more these differences, as well as treatment for both sexes.

How to reduce abdominal fat

First, we need to maintain or increase our levels of aerobic exercise, such as walking more each day. Second is following a Mediterranean diet, which consists of eating vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains. Following these steps will protect our mental and physical well-being as we grow older, there delaying or even preventing the decline of our fluid intelligence.


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