Autism Development Might Be Caused By Too Many Brain Connections, A Study Revealed

Autism Development Might Be Caused By Too Many Brain Connections, A Study Revealed

Specialists believe that they have discovered what seems to be the basis for the autism development and is not anything similar to whatever has been speculated over the time. In accordance with a new research conducted in this regard, autism could be caused by the existence of too many brain connections, scientifically known as synapses.

The researchers were able to demonstrate their theories on mice but are from being proved in humans.

Scientists believe autism is triggered by genes malfunctions

“An increased number of synapses produces a defective relationship between neurons which are still under development that are correlated with faulty learning,” said the leading author of the study, Azad Bonni, from the Neuroscience Department of Washington.

According to specialists, autism is a neuropsychiatric disorder. However, certain genes have been associated with autism during several trials conducted on patients suffering from this disorder. Six of these genes are the so-called ubiquitin ligases.

Faulty genes expose to autism development by producing too many brain connections (synapses)

Some specialists believe that people with autism have a genetic mutation that prevents one of these genes from working properly. To test the hypothesis, researchers at the University of Washington removed RNF8 (a ubiquitin gene) from the neurons from the cerebellum.

In this case, the laboratory mice on which the test was performed developed an excess of synapses that affected their learning abilities. These mice presented 50% more synapses than those mice found in the control group (placebo group).

Next, the specialists measured the electrical signals in the neurons and found that they were twice as powerful as the cells that functioned correctly.

The researchers concluded that indeed autism might be triggered by genes malfunctions but the basis for the autism development is created by the too many brain connections or synapses which occur due to the faulty ubiquitin ligases genes.


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