Austrian Chancellor Might Resort to Lockdown for Unvaccinated Residents

Austrian Chancellor Might Resort to Lockdown for Unvaccinated Residents

The Covid-19 pandemic has been ongoing for the past 20 months, and the world is ready for it to end. Even though several Covid-19 vaccines are available, some remain skeptical and prefer to acquire natural immunity should they get infected. In Austria, over 64,73% of residents are vaccinated against the new coronavirus, and more than 11 388,848 doses have been administered, as presented in the latest statistics. Some western European countries such as Portugal, Denmark, Malta, and Spain have higher vaccination rates, resulting in fewer restrictions. On the other, countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are still struggling to speed up the vaccination campaign. 

Austrian Chancellor wants the country prepared during the fourth wave

Recent media reports mention that the Austrian Chancellor, Alexander Schallenberg might consider imposing a lockdown for unvaccinated people. It will happen if the number of daily new infections continues to surge. The latest data shows that there are around 500 patients in the country’s ICU units, and the Austrian government wants to be prepared. 

It is unclear what would the restrictions be in case of a lockdown

Although a final decision would be taken in the next few days, and only if the situation gets worse, it appears that unvaccinated people might go under lockdown. That would mean that they are not allowed to leave their homes unless for a good reason. The situation could take a turn for the better if the vaccination campaign revives and people follow the sanitary measures imposed by Austrian authorities. 

Latvia entered lockdown until November 15

A couple of days ago, Latvia became one of the first countries in Europe to impose a lockdown in the fourth wave of the pandemic. The lockdown began on October 21, and it will last until November 15. The Prime Minister of the country announced the lockdown and the set of restrictions. He also apologized to those vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, as the lockdown applies to everyone.  


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