Australian State Of Victoria Reports Its First Case Of Superbug Fungus, A Candida Auris Antibiotic-Resistant Strain

Australian State Of Victoria Reports Its First Case Of Superbug Fungus, A Candida Auris Antibiotic-Resistant Strain

Victoria, an Australian state, reported its first case of superbug fungus today, via its Deputy Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton. The case was recorded in a hospital in the Australian state, but the patient most likely contracted the antibiotic-resistant fungus, a Candida Auris strain,  in Britain.

“The man was isolated as soon as the diagnosis was made and intense cleaning and disinfection has occurred,” stated Victoria Deputy Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton.

In 2009, in Japan, Candida Auris superbug strain was observed for the first time in history. Back then, the fungus was contained locally, but, over the time, it spread across the world affecting several countries including the US, especially affecting New York and New Jersey.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only another superbug fungus case was previously recorded across Australia.

The Australian state of Victoria reports its first case of superbug fungus

As indicated by the Deputy Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, the patient, a 70-year-old male, was treated in a hospital in Melbourne for another health conditions when the doctors noticed the presence of the Candida Auris antibiotic-resistant fungus strain.

“The patient has not been infected by the condition, but has been colonized,” explained Sutton who also added that the man was just a carrier of the superbug fungus and had no symptoms whatsoever.

According to the doctors, cited by Brett Sutton, the man contracted the superbug organism while he went to a hospital in England, the UK, but no further information has been released by the officials regarding the origin of the microorganism.

Candida Auris superbug fungus strain is generally affecting newborns and elderlies

According to the Australian health officials, the superbug fungus strain of Candida Auris is commonly found in hospitals as it is very resistant to disinfectants as it is to antibiotics, as well.

The most affected patients are the newborns and the older adults, while the highest incidence of this superbug fungus was recorded in hospital patients who spent more than four weeks in hospitals.

Candia Auris antibiotic-resistant fungus can infect wounds, ears, mouth cavity, as well as the bloodstream.


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