Aspirin and Fish Oil Supplements Do Not Prevent First-Time Heart Attack, Stroke

Aspirin and Fish Oil Supplements Do Not Prevent First-Time Heart Attack, Stroke

The cardiologists recommend taking one aspirin a day to prevent the occurrence of a heart attack or stroke in those patients who already experienced one of these conditions. However, not many studies assessed the effects of this cure on patients who did not yet undergone a heart attack. Now, new studies in this direction concluded that one aspirin a day is not as beneficial as thought. On the other hand, fish oil supplements have also been analyzed, and the results are the same as in the case of aspirin.

Aspiring is not preventing first-time heart attack or stroke

One study focused on the potential benefits of taking aspirin to prevent first-time heart attack or stroke. The results showed that aspirin had no beneficial effects on people at risk of developing heart conditions, overcome by unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity, high bad cholesterol levels, and so on.

Another study centered on the aspirin’s effects on diabetics. According to this research, people who have diabetes, who are more exposed to developing cardiovascular diseases or even die from heart attack or stroke, presented a slight health benefit from taking one aspirin a day. However, that was not enough, as this habit to lead to a higher risk of severe bleeding.

“There’s been a lot of uncertainty among doctors around the world about prescribing aspirin. If you’re healthy, it’s probably not worth taking it,” said Dr. Jane Armitage of the University of Oxford in England, and one of the study’s leading author.

Fish oil supplements also not useful for preventing heart conditions

Another study, conducted by Oxford researchers on 15,480 adults with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, analyzed the presumed beneficial effects of fish oil supplements on heart health.

But, as the study leader, Dr. Louise Bowman of the University of Oxford said, the scientists “feel very confident that there doesn’t seem to be a role for fish oil supplements for preventing heart disease.”

According to the scientists, it could be better to eat fatty fish instead of taking fish oil supplements.


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