Are Mandatory Covid Vaccines Legal?

Are Mandatory Covid Vaccines Legal?

The vaccination campaign in the U.S. is going slower than the Government targeted, and only this week, the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population has been reached. Many remain skeptical, despite warnings from health officials and organizations such as CDC, which announced that the Delta strain has become dominant in the U.S. With the school year around the corner and plans to heal the national economy, many are thinking of ways in which getting Covid-19 vaccines could become mandatory. 

The problem is both moral and legal

The morality factor is difficult to discuss during a pandemic. So far, 199 million people have suffered an infection with a strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and more than 4.24 million people have died because of it. The second issue is the legal aspect of mandatory vaccination. More and more companies in the U.S. have started to require vaccine mandates for employees, and although some might decide to take things to court, the requirement is not illegal. Some companies recommend vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but others make it mandatory. Those who do not want to get the shots have to go through weekly or daily screening and follow strict rules such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The question is, how legal is it for companies to make vaccination mandatory.

Private employers and local governments have certain authority

According to recent research, private employers can make vaccination mandatory and local Government as well, at least for several types of employees. Also, this vaccine mandate is not the first one. Many states required students to get vaccinated in order to go to school. Legal battles between people and local Governments can be found in historical records. An example is that of Jacobson v. Massachusetts regarding the mandatory smallpox vaccine. Local and state authorities are allowed to require that all participants for different activities such as festivals and indoor celebrations be fully vaccinated. The discussion is quite tedious; many loopholes and several organizations are involved, such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


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One thought on “Are Mandatory Covid Vaccines Legal?

  1. This is free country we have the rt to decide for ourselves what we will inject ourselves with. Some people have already died from these shots & many more will. I believe this is the full reasons for the gov to force all of us to take the shots. Now that we have a professed Communist leading this country what will come next? The next step is to bankrupt this country so the people depend on the gov more & more when doing this we will no longer be free . this country has become lazy. reaching out to the gov for everything we can get for nothing, letting them tell us what is good for us . that they know what’s best like we were a bunch of kids looking to our father for answers. The problem is we r looking at the wrong Father . so far we have taken religion, respect , faith, loyalty, morals, now they want our rt to decide for ourselves what is best for us. Where will stop? It scares me to think about that. I worry about what my grand & great grand children’s lives will be like. Will they rule their own lives or will the gov rule them.


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