Alzheimer: All the new Updates Regarding Prevention

Alzheimer: All the new Updates Regarding Prevention

Experts have recently suggested that even though, there is not a specific method available to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease, there are some prevention-steps many of us can take.

Steps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease:

Periodic medical checkups, keeping an eye on high blood pressure, exercising regularly and doing memory training exercises are some of the steps suggested by experts.

Although the disease does not have a cure or a proved delaying methods, taking care of your self is not going to hurt. The numbers nowadays suggest that more than 5 million American citizens suffer from the disease. There are drugs used by doctors to reduce symptoms of dementia such as Aricept (donezepil) or Namenda.

Experimental drugs have been tested during trials and experts found that doses of the drug that helped clear the brain-clogging protein by using monoclonal antibodies. However, they know finding the right dose is going to be a long process and it will mean other experimental trials.

In order to delay the onset of dementia, researchers suggest that a healthy lifestyle can help. There are plenty of products, even online, which promises to help slow down the process; however, these memory supplements have not proven worthy.

New reports triangulated years of data and concluded that checking blood pressure, exercising and cognitive training can help slow down the process. Mnemonic techniques are improved techniques which work the memory by creating strategies of organizing material so as to remember it later.

Watching Tv all day long and becoming a couch potato is not going to help. What is left for regular people to do? Have faith, patience and improve your lifestyle by taking care of what you eat and how fit you are. Even if these changes only help slow down the process, they are still worth considering.


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