Alleged COVID-19 Cure, Hydroxychloroquine, Caused More Deaths In The US

Alleged COVID-19 Cure, Hydroxychloroquine, Caused More Deaths In The US

President Trump has voiced his interest in future studies to combat the deadly coronavirus with the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine. This is why this medicine caught the attention of researchers towards using it as a COVID-19 cure for the patients already affected. However, no benefit was demonstrated during its administration for a series of U.S. veterans hospitals, according to Fox News.

A recent study is showing that there is no logical reason to consider this treatment as a potential COVID-19 cure after analyzing data from 368 patients infected with the coronavirus. Up until now, there has been no peer-review for the study, which was financed by the University of Virginia and the National Institutes of Health.

Hydroxychloroquine Has No Beneficial Effects as a COVID-19 Cure

The researchers declared that the data collection ended on the 11th of April, where 97 patients received treatment with only hydroxychloroquine. For another 113, the medication was based on a mix of hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin, while the rest of 158 received the standard measures for treating the COVID-19. The result of the medication was that the first two categories needed extra ventilation, and sometimes it even ended with death.

28% of the patients that received standard treatments with hydroxychloroquine have died, compared to only 11%, whose treatment was based solely on standard care. In addition to this, 22% that received the combination of the two medicines died. The research was not conclusive enough to show actual data regarding the ones that received only regular medical care.

Hydroxychloroquine did not influence patients’ need for breathing machines, and no evidence can prove the medicine’s impact on the respiratory complications. Moreover, an increased mortality rate was observed on the patients that were treated with hydroxychloroquine. The researchers are underlining the importance of waiting for proper studies that could prove the benefits of medicine before starting to use it on patients. Another research in France is showing that the usage of hydroxychloroquine might have an impressive impact on shortening the life of COVID-19.

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