AI Robotic System Can Diagnose Every Neurodegenerative Disease By Analyzing Eye Movements

AI Robotic System Can Diagnose Every Neurodegenerative Disease By Analyzing Eye Movements

An AI robotic system, called OSCANN, which has been developed by a team from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the company AURA Innovative Robotics, will assist neurologists in diagnosing every neurodegenerative disease through the analysis of eye movements.
This new system is in the clinical trial phase, authorized by the Spanish Medicines and Health Products Agency in six Spanish hospitals and, thanks to image processing and automatic learning techniques, the results are enabling doctors to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases early and to make a prognosis that allows the application of personalized treatments.

Usually, the process of diagnosing a neurodegenerative disease is a long one since symptoms are difficult to analyze in the early stages of the disease. Also, some symptoms are common to several neurodegenerative disorders, such as tremor, which makes it difficult to diagnose the specific condition.

The OSCANN AI robotic system analyses the eye movements to help early diagnosis of diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

The OSCANN AI robotic system functions with image processing and automatic learning techniques to analyze eye movements very precisely. Thanks to this new tool, the neurologist has objective data on the functioning of the brain so that, together with other clinical data, they can make an accurate diagnosis in early stages of the disease.

“The test is done in the office, without the need to call the patient back, and is simple and quick to perform,” according to the developers.

The eye test is selected by the testing staff. Each test lasts one minute during which the patient must watch the stimulus that appears on a monitor in front of him.

Once the test completes, the machine processes the images obtained, analyzes the results and compares them with the pathological models that have been developed in clinical trials to finally generate an early diagnosis of the neurodegenerative disease affecting the patient.


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