A Significant Percentage of Healthcare Workers Don’t Trust The COVID-19 Vaccine

A Significant Percentage of Healthcare Workers Don’t Trust The COVID-19 Vaccine

Many people see the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine as the beginning of the end of the ongoing pandemic. Whether they’re right or not, there’s still a significant amount of the world population that doesn’t want to get vaccinated. The first targeted groups that should receive the COVID-19 vaccine ASAP are healthcare workers and elders.

Even among those targeted groups, there are plenty of people who are skeptical about the efficiency of the vaccine. One of the reasons they’re invoking is that by lacking years of scientific research to see how those vaccinated will behave, there’s no vaccine safety.

Only 63 percent of healthcare workers want to be vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that only 63 percent of those who perform as healthcare workers are willing to get injected with the long-awaited vaccine for COVID-19.

The vaccine developed by Pfizer for the terrifying coronavirus reported over 95% efficiency during the trials and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) from the US approved the drug yesterday, December 11. Moderna has also developed a very promising vaccine for the pandemic disease, as the company reported as well around 95% efficiency during the tests. The FDA is expected to approve this latter vaccine as well by the end of the current year.

New technology for the vaccine

The vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna are relying on a new technology that uses MRNA, or messenger RNA. The method works by teaching the body how to fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus even without injecting a live virus, as vaccines normally do.

Stephanie Horton works in a neo-natal care unit from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, and she said:

“I’m waiting to see more focused research on the side effects people are having from the vaccine,” she declared, adding that she may take the vaccine only after the end of 2021.

The woman also says that if her hospital will mandate its workers to take a vaccine, that would mean a huge concern.

“I would have to really step back and think about my 18-year career and whether I would have to find a job that didn’t require it,” she added.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, as it infected almost 72 million people and killed over 1.6 million of them.


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