7 Great Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves

7 Great Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves

Who doesn’t love a plant that tastes great, and is a health boon, all in one? Known throughout East and Southeast Asia as delicious flavoring, pandan leaves also have a lot of unexpected uses which can bring health benefits. Here are 10 ways in which pandan leaves can improve your life.

  1. Fight hair loss
    Crushing juice out of pandan leaves and applying it to your hair will strengthen your locks, and lock them in place. Just make sure you’re letting the concoction stay in your hair for two hours at a time before rinsing. This is why this natural treatment for hair loss is best applied in the morning.
  2. Get rid of dandruff
    Hard water and certain atmospheric conditions can lead to annoying dandruff. Pandan leaves are a good natural remedy, hydrating the scalp and reducing flakiness. Grab yourself ten of these leaves and mash them up until completely smooth, adding enough water to make a sort of cream. You can apply this cream to your hair before shampooing, and it stores nicely for a while, so don’t hesitate to put some aside for later.
  3. Increase appetite
    Loss of appetite can stem from a great number of reasons, and is one of the most disconcerting symptoms of illness, be it physical or psychological. Well, pandan leaves aren’t a popular flavoring agent in Asia for nothing. Not only do they make food taste better, they can also stimulate the appetite of someone having a hard time eating.
  4. Nervous system imbalances
    Sometimes, when confronted with exhaustion or stress, our nervous systems can start acting up in unexpected ways. Jumpiness, unexplained cramping, general states of malaise can be alleviated by making and drinking a pandan leaf solution. Chop three strands of pandan leaves, boil them in three cups of water. Filter the water, and drink a bit of this special sort of tea in the morning and before bed. It will help calm your nerves.
  5. Reduce high blood pressure
    The calming effect of pandan leaves extends to high blood pressure as well. This time though, you’ll have to make a more concentrated solution. Boil chopped pandan leaves in two cups of water, until half of the liquid evaporates. Filter the remaining concoction and drink half of a cup in the morning, and half at noon. Keep doing this for a few days, and your high blood pressure will decrease and stabilize, reducing headaches and the risk of strokes other blood pressure related ailments.
  6. Fight the Tinea Versicolor skin condition
    The natural yeasts that live on our skin can sometimes go out of balance and cause discoloration in patches. These patches are usually white, but can sometimes have other hues. A pandan solution much like the one used for reducing blood pressure can restore balance to these yeasts and get rid of the patchy discoloration on your skin. One cup of this solution per day, for three days, should do the trick.
  7. Relieve rheumatic pain
    Joint pains can be quite debilitating, and many sufferers in Southeastern Asia turn to pandan leaves for relief. All you need to do is slice them into thin strips, mix them with half a cup of heated coconut oil, and apply the ointment to the aching areas as necessary.

So next time you’re looking for a natural remedy for some pesky ailments, look to pandan leaves for a soothing effect. And if you’re lucky enough to be feeling fine on all accounts, these leaves will at least give your dinner an extra, exotic flourish.


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