5 Psychological Benefits of Having a Routine

5 Psychological Benefits of Having a Routine

Time and again we have seen people suggesting that a consistent routine is the reason behind their success. There is no doubt in the fact that consistency and having a productive, healthy, and calming routine to follow can prove to be beneficial for people for a myriad of reasons.

But does it come as a shock to you when we say a routine has psychological benefits as well?

Yes, it is not just about time management and getting more done in just 24 hours, it is about improving your mental as well as physical health while setting up a bunch of strict and lenient rules for yourself that need to be followed everyday.

Let’s first dive right into the psychological benefits of following a routine, consistently, every single day, shall we?

But before that, let us make this very clear. Having a routine is about consistency, but that does not mean you are not allowed to fail or choose to devote a specific hour of your day to something that was not in the to-do list initially. Consistency shall be maintained throughout the routine, however, it is okay to choose yourself over a routine once in a while. Given, giving up on the routine is not becoming a routine.

Now without any further ado let’s get into the mental health benefits of routine.

Alleviates Stress

First things first, having a routine automatically means no stress. When you have a consistent waking and sleeping time, dedicated time slots for work, home, and leisure, there is least to no chance of feeling stressed. If you think following a routine can be overwhelming and that can trigger stress, we won’t say you are wrong.

However, it is important to understand that following a routine is not supposed to be overwhelming. The whole motive behind having a routine is managing everything appropriately so that there is less stress. If your routine seems overwhelming, you are probably doing it wrong.

Begin with customizing your routine. You should not be following anyone because someone may not have a lifestyle, health, work, priorities, and responsibilities exactly like you. Customize your routine and make sure you dedicate enough time to relaxation, mindfulness, breaks, and hobby activities, without sabotaging the work time and routine you already have.

A routine is supposed to be productive as well as relaxing and a routine that is perfectly planned for you will definitely alleviate stress and stress induced health conditions.

Reduces Anxiety and the Frequency of Panic Attacks

Anxiety is not uncommon. But unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize what they are experiencing is anxiety and anxiety related issues. That is a topic for another day. For someone who experiences anxiety quite frequently and is prone to experience a panic attack for what people may consider minor triggers, having a routine can prove to be beneficial.

When it is suggested that a routine can reduce anxiety, it is important to realize that there are terms and conditions applied. Sure, by managing time, stress can be reduced which can in turn reduce anxiety. But this may not necessarily make a significant change for people who deal with severe anxiety disorders. For them, a routine that includes meditation and techniques that are known to reduce anxiety can be helpful. The frequency of panic attacks can be reduced by a lot as well by just having a consistent routine.

Improves Performance and Learning Abilities

When you have dedicated time slots for everything that needs to be done. And you do certain tasks every day at the same time, it reduces your performance anxiety and stress by a lot which can further enhance your work performance as well.

When you are overwhelmed with work and have no routine or system whatsoever, the stress to complete tasks on time can affect your performance. Not just that, you are left with absolutely no time to learn, explore, grow, and get better. With a routine you dedicate decent time to every task and that way you allow your mind to perform well and learn through whatever you do.

Even if you have deadlines, having a routine allows you to calm down and strategize every task and this planning alone can reduce stress by a lot. Which again, enhances your performance and gives your mind the ability to learn and expand the knowledge even further.

May Ease Bipolar Disorder

There is a study that suggests consistent routines and regular sleep patterns can ease bipolar disorder. According to the clinicians and researchers, irregular sleeping schedule and overall lack of routine can be a reason or trigger for depression, mood swings, and other symptoms of bipolar disorder. Simply introducing a routine and consistency in the patient’s lifestyle can ease the symptoms of bipolar disorder and positively affect the overall condition as well. Even though the research that specifically targets patients of bipolar disorder is pretty limited, there is some reliable anecdotal evidence and studies that prove having a routine has a positive influence on the symptoms of bipolar disorder and similar mental health conditions.

Enhances the Quality of Sleep

When you have a routine, there is no doubt you specifically dedicate time for sleep. It may seem difficult initially to sleep right on time, especially for people who generally experience trouble sleeping. But having a routine, waking up earlier than usual, completing everything on time, eating healthy, and overall reduced stress and anxiety, everything can enhance the quality of sleep.

Quality sleep in itself is extremely beneficial for an individual’s overall health so improving the sleep quality can be a great achievement and benefit of having a routine.

Parting Words

A consistent routine can be used as a therapy technique to improve mental health and it definitely is effective. But for people with diagnosed mental health conditions, it is advised to consult a doctor and consider recommended medication and lifestyle changes along with following a routine. If you haven’t been to a doctor for your mental health condition or you need guidance without leaving the comfort of your home, Steady Care Medical Clinic has certified doctors. You can easily consult a doctor for your concern and get the best treatment.

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