4 Health Benefits Of Donating Blood That You Should’t Ignore

4 Health Benefits Of Donating Blood That You Should’t Ignore

What beneficial things happen in your body after you donate blood. You’re better off of the heart attack, and immunity improves considerably

Besides saving up to three lives with the 450 ml of blood they donate, the donors also have important benefits from this gesture. Several studies have shown that after the donation, the blood is refreshed, the immunity of the body increases and the risk of a stroke is reduced. Accepted donors are those between 18 and 60 years of age and over 50 kilograms. They should not have chronic diseases, a cold or anemia.

Blood donation increases the body’s resistance to disease

Did you know that blood donation increases immunity and resistance to trauma and the risk of paralysis and stroke drops by 30%?

Donation not only helps save other lives but is also recommended for hypertensive people who are not receiving treatment for this condition. After each donation, the blood “refreshes”. Thus, the body’s ability to fight infections is much higher.

Blood donation protects the heart

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people between 43 and 61 years have a much lower rate of heart attacks if they are regular blood donors.

In addition, a study in Finland on a group of over 3,000 men showed that men had reduced their chance of a cardiovascular incident by 88%.

Blood donation reduces the risk of cancer

Another study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the UK has also shown that there is a link between the amount of iron in the blood and the risk of cancer, increasing the number of free radicals in the body.

In line with this theory, another five-year study of 2300 people found that people who donate blood twice a year have a lower cancer rate and a lower mortality rate than those who do not donate blood. However, it should be noted that these benefits are valid for blood donations at regular intervals and not incidental.

Blood donation helps you burn calories

Another consequence of blood donation is the loss of calories. After the blood donation, the body renews its lost blood volume. Researchers at San Diego, California, say that for every 250 grams of donated blood, a person can lose up to 600 calories.


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