The Sims 4 New Update Allows The Creation Of Black Sims

The Sims 4 New Update Allows The Creation Of Black Sims

The Sims 4 is already more than a 3-year-old game but it is still widely played and new players are coming year after year, according to the EA’s statistics. The latest The Sims 4 update brings what players have always wanted for – the possibility to create and play with black Sims that reflect the real skin tones of people of color.

The original The Sims 4 version’s skin tones made no difference

When the game was launched in September 2014, it came out with different skin tones the gamers could’ve applied to create their characters. However, those skin tones weren’t what the players expected as they didn’t make much of a difference. The original skin tones were way lighter than the natural skin tones of black people, for example, so it was impossible to replicate people of color in the game.

This wasn’t really appreciated by the gamers and made the game lack of diversity of characters, in terms of looks, of course.

The new update for The Sims 4 brings darker skin tones

Fortunately, the new The Sims 4 update brings new 10 skin tones and a new curly hair to reflect in the game, as real as possible, the diversity of skin tones and hair aspect the people of color have.

However, the new update comes with a few glitches linked to the new skin tones. There are players who have already complained about the fact that some of the new darker skin tones present an orange spot in the character’s nose area. Besides, there are also some grayish pixels that can be observed in the darker skin tones.

On the other hand, there is visible a discrepancy in the darker skin tones and the available make-ups. Definitely, the make-ups colors weren’t changed in order to match naturally on the darker skin tones and that’s making the new black Sims look awkward.

In conclusion, this update is considered to offer too little, especially by the gamers of color who are still feeling underserved by EA.


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