The God Of War Dualshock 4 Is Here – The Latest Leaks and Rumors

The God Of War Dualshock 4 Is Here – The Latest Leaks and Rumors

There is some exciting news out here about a God of War Dualshock 4 and it appears to have surfaced after a Bulgarian website leaked some information on a God of War PS4 Pro bundle.

While leaks and rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, we are very enthused to hear about them, as the release for God of War is only a few months away, on 20 April. This means that Sony would surely think of releasing some goodies, such as the leaked God of War PS4 Pro bundle or even God Of War Dualshock 4!

A Limited Edition Console Marking the Release of God Of War

We might even see a limited edition PS4 Pro with a special design to mark the release of this amazing and highly anticipated game. So far, Sony has not released any official information about bundles, a special edition console, or controllers.

But a Reddit user Huff2994 showed us some evidence that gave fans high hopes.

Huff2994 posted on Reddit a picture of his new DualShock 4 purchased from Amazon. The silver controllers have a God of War symbol on them, the same symbol as the steelbook case that came with the game’s collector’s edition.

We do not know how Huff2994 got to own the controllers, or if Sony really plans to release their hardware with the God of War theme or not, but we can only wait and hope. Are the controllers genuine or not?

Nonetheless, we think that Sony is bound to come up with some special edition hardware, as the special edition Xbox One controllers are pretty sweet!

We only have to wait and see what happens until 20 April, the day when God of War will be released. Maybe all the rumors will turn out to be reality!


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