You Should Stop These Eating Habits in 2022

You Should Stop These Eating Habits in 2022

2022 is less than a month old, which means that we still have plenty of time for some good and healthy changes to embrace the new year. What we eat is an important part of our lives, but maybe we sometimes forget how we should do it.

We have plenty of excuses, however. We live in a world of speed, where everybody is chasing a job, a career, going shopping, doing their work better, making it through the dense traffic, and so on. All these situations lead to stress and errors, which may later reflect in areas we don’t expect. 

Therefore, feel free to check out a few dangerous eating habits that you should quit if you have them, as a new article from reveals:

Anxiety around food makes you avoid social activities 

You may have a fear of food that makes you avoid social activities such as birthday parties, family gatherings, etc. This is not a good move, and Brooke Glazer, who’s a nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition, explains more, as quotes:

Break your food rules and choose to participate in your life by saying yes to [social] plans and eating what’s offered,

Your body knows what to do with the food you put into it and you can trust your body.

Giving up on some food groups without medical reason

You need a strong reason, like the advice of a doctor, before deciding to cut out an entire food group. 

Maureen St. Germain, who’s a functional nutrition therapy practitioner at Educated Wellness, declared as also quotes:

As a society, we are no longer in touch with how food makes us feel,

In fact, so many people out there don’t feel good but they have felt this way for so long that they believe fatigue, diarrhea, cramps, heartburn or constipation is their ‘normal.’

Feel free to read the full article here.


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