You Can Lose Over 7KG in Three Months By Applying This Simple Method

You Can Lose Over 7KG in Three Months By Applying This Simple Method

Gaining weight is so easy nowadays, considering that we are surrounded by so much delicious food at every step! But when it comes to losing weight, it can be ten times harder. Luckily enough, there are some exceptions to the rule.

Vegan diets are so widespread nowadays. While we’re not here to militate for veganism, we all have to admit that, at least in some situations, leaving meat aside can be a good idea. There could be medical or religious reasons, for instance.

Going vegan can help you lose weight fast

The researchers behind a new study on 11 scientific trials regarding vegan meals and weight loss have discovered that overweight individuals who go vegan can lose over 7kg in just 12 weeks (aka 3 months), according to Daily Mail.

Anne-Ditte Termannsen from Copenhagen University Hospital, who’s the lead author behind the new study, stated as Daily Mail quotes:

This rigorous assessment of the best available evidence to date indicates with reasonable certainty that adhering to a vegan diet for at least 12 weeks may result in clinically meaningful weight loss and improve blood sugar levels, and therefore can be used in the management of overweight and type 2 diabetes.

Vegan diets likely lead to weight loss because they are associated with a reduced calorie intake due to a lower content of fat and higher content of dietary fibre.

The scientist still acknowledges one important thing, as the same source quotes:

However, more evidence is needed regarding other cardiometabolic outcomes.

If you’re an animal lover, here’s another reason why you should consider going vegan: each year, vegans manage to spare the lives of roughly 30 animals, according to chooseveg,com.

What do you think about the new study? Would you ever consider going vegan?


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