Whole-Fat Milk Could Be Healthier Than We Think, According To A New Study

Whole-Fat Milk Could Be Healthier Than We Think, According To A New Study

Nowadays, there is a trend to consume low-fat milk or dairy products because, allegedly, it’s better for our health. However, a new study concluded that whole-fat milk could be healthier than we think, and we should consume it frequently.

A team of researchers from the McMaster University in Canada conducted a study on 136,384 people aged between 35 to 70 years old from 21 countries. The research’s report was recently published in The Lancet journal.

Three daily servings of dairy products reduce mortality and cardiovascular diseases risks

The participants in the study were followed for over nine years during which the scientists recorded the subjects’ daily intake of dairy products. The subjects were divided into four groups depending on their consumption of dairy foods. The investigators also registered which type of milk the participants consumed.

The study revealed, among others, that those who consume at least three servings of dairy foods per day present lower mortality risks and reduced possibilities of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Whole-fat milk could be healthier than low-fat dairy products, the new study estimated

Above all, the researchers found out that, even though all types of dairy products are healthy, the whole-fat milk might be even healthier than initially believed. According to the recent study conducted by the Mcmaster University in Canada, one serving of whole-fat milk, as well as other regular dairy foods, reduce heart diseases risks.

“Focusing on low-fat is predominantly based on the assumption that saturated fat increases LDL cholesterol. But dairy contains many other components which may be healthy, such as amino acids, vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium. They can be fermented and have probiotics. We should not focus on a single nutrient,” said Dr. Mahshid Dehghan, the study’s lead author.

“Our findings support that consumption of dairy products might be beneficial for mortality and cardiovascular disease, especially in low-income and middle-income countries where dairy consumption is much lower than in North America or Europe,” the researcher added.


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