We Must Be Aware of The Worst Eating Habit for Faster Aging

We Must Be Aware of The Worst Eating Habit for Faster Aging

People are different by so many criteria, and we are all aware of them. But one of those things that don’t differentiate us is that neither of us don’t like the idea of becoming old. The good news is that there are ways of slowing down the process a bit. Well, not in the sense of making time run slower, but only by making a person look less old than it is.

Ultra-processed foods are indeed very tasty for a lot of people. But we all know that the sheer pleasure something gives us is not all. We must look for the long-term effects as well.

Ultra-processed foods will age you faster

According to a new article from EatThis,NotThat!, consuming ultra-processed foods regularly is a sure way of aging faster. The new research was done by the University of Navarra from Pamplona, Spain.

Dr. Joan Ifland, PhD, MBA, FACN, and also the founder of The Food Addiction Reset, declared as quoted by EatThis,NotThat!:

Many physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral distresses can be traced back to processed foods,

They’ve been shown to diminish cell function and are associated with aging symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, bloating, depression, high blood pressure, joint pain, and more.

The doctor invokes issues caused by ultra-processed meals such as alterations in brain function, irregularities in hormones, inflammation in the body, blood circulation problems, and more.

As for creating new routines, Dr. Ifland also brings some good advice, while cited by EatThis,NotThat! once again:

Promise yourself that you will go slow and be patient,

It takes months to build new food routines. Surprisingly, an essential skill is learning how to set boundaries with people who beg you to join them in eating processed foods.

Therefore, we all should be careful with what we eat if we don’t what to age faster!


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