We Must All Know the Worst Habit That Will Lead to Visceral Fat

We Must All Know the Worst Habit That Will Lead to Visceral Fat

Adding an excessive amount of fat to your body is nothing but healthy. The risk of developing serious illnesses will also go up, and conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and more, are all on the list.

But not everybody knows that not all body fat is created equal, and EatThis,NotThat! reveals to us the worst habit that can lead to visceral fat. We’re talking about that kind of fat that, in excessive amounts, can lead to developing dangerous conditions.

Eat only as much as your body demands from you

Eating too much and being sedentary are terrible ideas in the equation of trying to avoid visceral fat. Surely our bodies don’t demand a lot of food to survive, which means that you’ll only do some harm to it if you often eat more for the sheer pleasure of it. In other words, you may eat because you like the taste rather than doing it to simply survive, which is a bad idea.

Jillian Michaels, who’s a nutritionist and former instructor at Biggest Loser fitness, stated as quoted by EatThis,NotThat!;

Visceral fat is fat stored in the abdominal cavity between your organs such as the pancreas, liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs. While hormones do play a role in where the body stores fat, you can impact this for better or worse. The bottom line and most important thing is to avoid overeating and being sedentary.

Stopping overeating may be difficult, and Healthline.com brings us a series of ways to do so. Therefore, if you struggle with such a problem, you could try remembering your trigger foods, avoid banning all of your favorite foods, getting rid of distractions, trying our volumetric, consuming foods rich in fiber, and more.

Feel free to tell us if you have any ways to avoid overeating and being sedentary!


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