Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious While Enjoying Meat and Seafood

Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious While Enjoying Meat and Seafood

The earth is a fragile and beautiful place, and the only way to preserve our home for future generations is to take responsibility and make smart choices. Given the current state of our planet, it’s more important than ever to support sustainable food practices.

If you eat meat, seafood, or produce from the sea (which includes shellfish), here are four ways you can enjoy them in a more sustainable manner:


1. Eat grass-fed beef, poultry, or pork. These animals are raised in humane conditions and have access to natural pastures. Although they may cost a little bit more than conventionally raised meats, they will help ensure the future health of our oceans by reducing the amount of land used for livestock production.

2. Buy seafood from local sources. Seafood from local fisheries is not only cheaper than imports; it’s also sustainably harvested as well as low in mercury and other harmful chemicals that can accumulate when fish are transported long distances to market.

3. Eat organic produce grown with organic methods. Organic farms follow organic practices — free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers — which preserves the health of our soil, water, and air while reducing the need for factory farming techniques such as confinement. These include companies that raise animals in confined areas, such as chicken factories and dairy farms, along with any company that raises animals in extremely cramped conditions, like those used for egg production. Instead, look for sources that raise their animals on pasture or smaller farms.

4. Look for organic certification when possible. This isn’t always an option — because it can be quite expensive and difficult to find — but some companies go above and beyond by offering organic certification for all their products. These companies will also work with local farmers to ensure the products are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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