Vegan or Vegetarian? Which is Better?

Vegan or Vegetarian? Which is Better?

Have you ever tried choosing between vegan or vegetarian, asking yourself which one is better and what is the difference between them? In general, people can pinpoint the main difference between vegetarianism and veganism. Most of us know that the first one means eliminating meat from the diet, while the latter implies the exclusion of products of animal origin altogether. However, when deciding on one or the other, it’s essential to understand what each diet style entails, so you can make an informed choice.

How are they similar?

First of all, both vegetarianism and veganism imply a plant-based diet, which includes healthy and nutritious foods. Both dietary models encourage the intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. At the same, they both allow the use of supplements, tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Secondly, both diet styles stem from the same concern for animal wellbeing and the desire to protect animals from being exploited in the purpose of human consumption.

How are they different?

While both diet choices are determined by the desire to protect animals, there is one key difference between them. Vegetarians allow the consumption of ethically-sourced meat and animal products,, but vegans completely forbid it. Therefore, vegetarians usually eat eggs, dairy products and drink milk, depending on the type of vegetarian diet they prefer (lacto-ovo, only lacto, only ovo, pescatarian or flexitarian), while vegans do not.

Furthermore, veganism translates into a lifestyle in itself, with people who practice it eliminating the use of any product that may have an animal-sourced component or ingredient.

Last but not least, one major difference between the two diets is their nutritional value. Both options are healthy variants. However, numerous studies have concluded that a vegan diet has the most benefits for health. According to Healthline, a vegan diet can lower blood sugar levels, improve kidney function, lowers the risk of heat disease and may protect against some types of cancer.

So, vegan or vegetarian? Which is better?

In the end, the choice between vegetarianism and veganism depends on the needs and beliefs of each individual. However, before making the decision, you should learn as much as possible about each and even ask for the advice of a nutritionist, who can help you make the most informed decision.


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