Unfamiliar benefits of white wine. Its advantage over red wine

Unfamiliar benefits of white wine. Its advantage over red wine

Red wine is often praised and appreciated for the positive effects it can have on health, but the white one is rarely considered, although it can also bring a number of benefits to the good functioning of the body, according to Huffington Post.

Here are three of the most important qualities of white wine:

1. White wine can help improve metabolism and heart rate. In a study published in 2015, the researchers asked participants who suffered from type 2 diabetes to drink red, white or water for dinner for two years following a strict Mediterranean diet. Drinkers of white and red wine showed the most notable improvements in heart and metabolism.

2. Like red wine, the white one can help improve cholesterol. Another study, involving 146 people for 12 months, which done exercices twice a week and drunk wine – of any kind – showed a significant improvement in cholesterol levels in their bodies.

3. White wine is also good for the proper functioning of the lungs. Researchers at the University of Buffalo have shown that white wine, like the red one, increases the health of the lungs.

It should be noted at the same time that most varieties of white wine have a much lower content of sugar than that contained in the category of red wine.

Regardless of the option, moderation is the most important.


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