Ultra-Processed Foods Such as Pizza and Soft Drinks Linked to Early Death

Ultra-Processed Foods Such as Pizza and Soft Drinks Linked to Early Death

New research published in the British Medical Journal discovered a strong connection between ultra-processed foods and early death. People who have up to four daily servings of heavily processed foods such as fizzy beverages, pizza, pre-prepared food found in store freezers, ice cream, and candy, are increasing their risk of early death by 62 percent.

The study has been conducted by a team of health researchers from Spain. It also discovered that with every extra intake of ultra-processed food a person eats aside from the four servings, the risk of early death rockets up to over 18 percent.

Ultra-processed foods are extremely bad for your health, worse than processed foods, which are the usual dietary fares such as bacon, milk, bread, cheese, tofu, and beer. As said by a classification noted by the Health and Stoke Foundation, common heavily processed foods are soft drinks, chocolate, candy, ice cream, sugary cereals, muffins, cakes, packaged soups, mayonnaise, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and fries.

Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to Early Death

The research has been made with volunteers beginning with the year 1999 to 2014. The research team reviewed every two years the diets of the almost 20,000 participants between the ages of 20 and 91. The team discovered that volunteers who consumed most heavily processed fares have a more massive body mass index in comparison to the participants who rarely consumed them.

The study authors said that perhaps people eat ultra-processed foods because they are prone to be tastier, more durable, and handy. Over the last twenty years, people from all over the world have been eating more of these ultra-processed foods. Other researches showed that this growth is linked to higher rates of cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Several other studies have concluded and detailed the damaging consequences of ultra-processed foods intake. All study authors suggest that people’s health and diets could take a turnaround if they cut on heavily processed fares and start consuming unprocessed foods.


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