This Fried Food Can Ruin Your Metabolism After a Certain Age

This Fried Food Can Ruin Your Metabolism After a Certain Age

Let’s face it: weight loss is a difficult process. It can be a lot more difficult than gaining weight, especially after your 40s and if you’re a woman. If you fit the profile and you want to keep that metabolism up, avoiding a certain type of fried food practically becomes mandatory. 

Yahoo Life speaks about a discussion with Catherine Gervacio, a Registered Dietitian and also a nutrition writer at Living.Fit, who seemed glad to share a few important ideas about diet.

French fries could ruin your metabolism

There’s probably not a secret to anyone that french fries aren’t healthy. They can make you put in some extra kilos pretty fast. They’re also tasty enough to create addiction.

Gervacio explains as Yahoo Life quotes:

Not only are [French fries] high in fat—they are empty calorie foods, which means they don’t contain substantial nutrients, they only give calories, which won’t be helpful for weight management and health in general.

Still, avoiding potatoes completely is not mandatory. There are still ways to consume these vegetables without having to expose yourself to too many health risks. 

Gervacio explains to us what your other options can be:

Bake your own potatoes and make them crispy. Air fryers can also be considered to lessen fat intake. It may be even better than fast-food French fries.

Did you know that the average American eats about 30 pounds of french fries per year? Despite their name, french fries don’t necessarily have to be French. 


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