The Mediterranean Diet Might Not Be the Best Option for Everyone

The Mediterranean Diet Might Not Be the Best Option for Everyone

The Mediterranean diet is based on the foods and products consumed in Greece, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries. Some of the most common ingredients are vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, herbs, olive oil, spices, and nuts. However, a study determined that this diet might be risky if the products have too many environmental contaminants. This diet is healthy if people use organic products because foods cultivated in the normal manner have high amounts of contaminants.

Most western countries do not have a Mediterranean climate nor the means to grow only organic products; therefore, it might be better for people to resume their own traditional foods rather than sticking to a Mediterranean diet. Pesticide and other residues from food products can trigger several health issues, and it might be better to consume conventional food from our country, which might have fewer environmental contaminants.

The Mediterranean diet is healthy with organic products

The researchers from the University of Oslo do not have any indications against the Mediterranean diet. This diet is healthy if people can buy organic fruits, vegetables, and other products. The study consisted in dividing participants into two groups: one group ate a Mediterranean diet with foods cultivated in the ordinary way, while the other group followed a Mediterranean diet with organically grown products.

Several other investigations were performed before and after the trial. For example, all the participants’ urine was tested, and researchers searched for evidence of contaminants. After the two groups followed the diets, the group eating a Mediterranean diet based on organic food had 90% fewer environmental contaminants than the other group.

Therefore, a Mediterranean diet based on foods cultivated the common way can have high amounts of pesticides and other environmental contaminants. Before beginning a certain diet, it is best to investigate if organic products typical of that diet are available in our area.

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