The Best Keto Snacks in 2019

The Best Keto Snacks in 2019

In some cases you may get a little hungry while you are on-the-go. A snack would come in handy in those situations since they can sate the hunger fast without the need to eat earlier.

This can make a huge difference when we are looking at diets like keto, which require practitioners to follow a strict ratio of foods that can be consumed. Ketosis is a state that can be achieved by consuming a balanced trio of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. Among the benefits of ketosis we can count fat loss, improved hormone stabilization and increased clarity.

Keep in mind that the carbs should be counted as net carbs when you are looking at them in the context of a keto diet. The number of net carbs can be found by calculating removing the number of fibers from the total of carbs that have been consumed. In the keto diets fibers will prevent the negative effects of carbs.

While home-cooked food is the best way of getting what you need it is likely that you will need a snack at some points. The challenge is posed by the fact that you need to find snacks that are low on carbs and rich in high-fat, a combination that is quite rare.

Below you can find a list of snacks that fit the description and are also very tasty:

Pili nuts

Pili nuts offer 24 grams of fat and 1 g of net carb, a combo that is quite solid. Pili nuts are cultivated in the Philippines and they are have a rich, buttery flavor.

Flaxseed crackers

Flaxseed crackers are a solid alternative, with 12 g of fat and 1 g of net carbs per portion. They are great with guacamole or salsa.

Pork rinds

Pork rinds are a great for those that want a quick bite that doesn’t have any carbs. They usually have 5 g of fat and several flavors are also available.

Pitted olives

A great snack that is able to sate the need of something salty. They contain 5.5 g fat and 0.3 g net carb on average.


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