The Best Foods To Boost Your Creativity And Cognitive Functions

The Best Foods To Boost Your Creativity And Cognitive Functions

When Pablo Picasso, the renowned artist, realized the relationship between the brain, creativity, and food, he requested a diet to stimulate creativity from his doctor. Years later, scientists discovered that to be more creative, you’ll have to eat more and better. Here are some time-tested foods that have been shown to boost your creativity and other cognitive functions as well.

Cold water fish

The brain is a large mass of fat and, to keep a proper fat level, you will have to eat the right type of fat to boost your brain performance.

Cold water fish are the best resource for omega-3, that is the best ingredient for the brain. Omega-3 promotes the development of brain neurons and enhances the general communication capabilities of brain cells.

If you have to boost your creativity and other cognitive functions, adding omega-3 to your diet is ideal.


Protein is essential for healthy tissue development. It is naturally utterly unfeasible to obtain the proper quantity of protein necessary for healthy growth without putting on extra weight.

That’s why eggs are still the healthiest way to get the protein you need in your body.

Eggs are a healthy source of protein for the human body, in a reasonably high amount and, as such, they supply reasonably high nutrients amounts.

Eggs also possess a significant quantity of choline that has been shown to enhance cognitive capacity and even the memory. You might like to add boiled eggs to your meal to boost your creativity.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables help boost brain potency and creativity, researchers report. Cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower and broccoli, are rich in potassium, which promotes self-healing processes in the brain.

They are also one of the few rich dietary sources of vitamin K that contribute to better cognitive function.

Oat Flour

Even though the body requires a lot of glucose for energy, it cannot adequately generate or store it to boost your creativity and cognitive functions. As such, you may need to eat a great deal of glucose-rich foods to take the most out of them.

Oats are the most useful source of glucose for the body and are high in carbohydrates that are then broken down into glucose.


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