The “8 Glasses Of Water A Day” Advice Is Not Healthy And Causes Overhydration

The “8 Glasses Of Water A Day” Advice Is Not Healthy And Causes Overhydration

Experts have dismantled the myth that revolves around drinking 8 glasses of water a day, saying that nobody should ever drink two liters of water a day. Consumption should be on demand, monitoring the color of urine and the water that is ingested through food, such as fruits and vegetables. Excess water causes overhydration which leads to heart diseases, although a slight dehydration is also counterproductive.

The popular belief indicates that you have to drink two liters of water a day, which is equivalent to 8 glasses, barely, and can obsess people with the actual amount they are drinking.

However, experts have dismantled this myth and have warned that consuming too much water can be counterproductive, as well as consuming too less water.

One of the things people tend to not take into account is that the food also has a high amount of water. Vegetables such as cauliflower and eggplant are composed of 92% water, so all the experts consulted by the Daily Mail agree that you have to drink only when you are thirsty.

Experts undermine the “8 glasses of water a day” myth, as it can lead to harmful overhydration

Karen Dwyer, deputy director of the Faculty of Medicine of Deakin University (Australia), argues that the best indicator of the level of hydration is the color of the urine, which should point to a light yellow color and that the kidney will ‘ask’ for more water when it’s drying.

Vincent Ho, a professor and gastroenterologist at Western Sydney University (Australia), argues that “the only people who should increase their fluid intake are those who have certain diseases and those who live in very hot climates”.

Agreeing with Vincent Ho, Jon Bartlett, of the Victoria University of Melbourne, indicates that the needs are individual and depend on the daily activities, health, and climate.

Also, Tuby Mundel, from the University of Massey in New Zealand, includes in these special needs the body size, the amount of sweat or urine, and the state of the person (pregnancy or lactation, in women).

Researchers also warn that drinking “8 glasses of water a day” means excess water in most people, which means overhydration, and can cause heart disease, although mild dehydration can adversely affect mental and physical performance, on the other hand.


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