Step By Step Guide To Healthy Holiday Eating

Step By Step Guide To Healthy Holiday Eating

Let’s face it, the holiday season is a time for celebration. But with December comes a surplus of parties, family gatherings and holiday festivities that can quickly lead to an increase in stress and anxiety. Still you don’t have to let this joyous time of year leave you feeling blue.

Too much food and alcohol at holiday parties can add extra pounds resulting in that not-so-fabulous holiday figure.  In addition, the winter months can be tough on our moods due to shorter days and colder temperatures.

How to maintain a healthy balance?

However, you don’t have to let extra celebrations or seasonal weather affect your weight or mood.  Here are some simple tips to help balance all the extra indulgences in the coming weeks: 

  1.  Savor your favorite dish without going overboard.   Before digging in talk yourself through the experience.  Ask yourself if this is really worth it?  What will it cost you?  Do you want to feel stuffed or bloated after enjoying it?
  2. Sip on sparkling water throughout the evening instead of alcoholic beverages.   Drinking alcohol may cause you to eat more than you planned, so stick with something calorie-free to keep your appetite under control.
  3. Plan ahead. It’s relatively easy to control eating when you’re eating at home because you’re in charge of what goes on the table. But if you’re going to a party or dinner at someone else’s house, talk with the host about the menu beforehand so you know what to expect.
  4. Eat slow: Savor your holiday meals by taking time to enjoy each bite instead of shoveling food into your mouth as fast as you can.
  5. Take a brisk walk after every meal. Moderate exercise can help control your appetite and curb cravings for late-night snacking. If you really want to make it count, take a brisk 30-minute walk around midday or in the evening after dinner.


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