Researchers Reveal Simple Way to Achieve Healthier Meals

Researchers Reveal Simple Way to Achieve Healthier Meals

Getting enough proteins in your diet is essential for living a healthy life. Proteins are necessary for pretty much everything the body does, even the simple act of moving around, not just to keep your muscles pumped enough to impress the ladies.

New research from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, including the analysis of data coming from 200 people in multiple trials, comes to motivate us even further to include lots of proteins in our diets. According to, the research claims that including a high amount of proteins in your meals will lead to healthier overall eating. Furthermore, it will help reduce lean body mass loss. What’s perhaps even more amazing is that even a small increase in protein intake can be helpful.

Anna Ogilvie, one of the co-authors of the new research and also a doctoral student at the Rutgers SEBS’s Department of Nutritional Sciences, explained, as quotes:

The impact of self-selected dietary protein on diet quality has not been examined before, to our knowledge, like this,

Exploring the connection between protein intake and diet quality is important because diet quality is often suboptimal in the U.S., and higher-protein weight loss diets are popular.

But just how much should we increase the protein intake from our diet? The research in question has an answer to that conundrum as well: increasing it just to 20 percent from 18 percent is enough to improve the quality of food choices we make.

Those who were assessed for the new Rutgers research were aged between 24 and 75 years old, and they were considered either obese or having some extra pounds. All of them were encouraged to follow a program for losing weight.

The new study was published in the journal Obesity.


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