Researchers Found Out That Sugar Is Causing Acne In Teenagers

Researchers Found Out That Sugar Is Causing Acne In Teenagers

Between 80% and 95% of teenagers have acne. We all know that hormones are the main culprits but what if unhealthy dietary habit are also involved? Researchers have found out that sugar is causing acne in teenagers.

“There is growing scientific evidence that diet influences the onset and severity of acne,” confirms Catherine McCuaig, a dermatologist and clinical professor in the Dermatology Department of the Faculty of Medicine. “But not all foods affect acne,” she continued.

According to most scientific studies, sugar is the number one enemy of the skin

Bad news, indeed, because sugar is hiding in almost any kind of food that teenagers commonly eat, from sodas and chips to fast-food.

During the time, many studies have focused on finding out how does the sugar cause acne in teenagers and many of them have concluded that eating foods rich in sugar is not causing more acne than normal for a teenager but overeating such foods is definitely one cause of severe acne, according to the professor McCuaig.

Milk consumption could also be one of the causes of acne in teenagers

Although low in sugar, the milk consumed in large quantities could produce  acne, as some studies suggested.

An American survey, conducted in 2016, and a  thesis carried out in France during the same year, present some irrefutable pieces of evidence that incriminates the milk as one of the culprits for severe acne.

Certain molecules found in milk, mainly the IGF-1 and the insulin, influence the production of sebum and the appearance of pimples.

According to the latest researches, however, there is no clear and accurate data that demonstrate a significant link between dairy consumption and acne. Most of the work on this subject is formed of observational studies that establish a link without necessarily proving a causal relationship.

“The link between milk and acne is not as strong as in the sugars case,” admits professor McCuaig.

McCuaig concluded that sugar is causing acne in teenagers and the evidence in this regard are really solid. Thus, a healthier diet could help teenagers get rid of those annoying pimples.


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