Organic Fast Food – Is It Healthier Than Regular Fast Food?

Organic Fast Food – Is It Healthier Than Regular Fast Food?

Restaurants offering ingredients from organic farming have been on the rise in recent years, especially among vegan ones. This tendency was adopted by fast food restaurants, too. Is organic fast food healthier?

At a first glance, it’s difficult to distinguish a classic burger from an organic burger. However, in the latter case, at least 95% of the ingredients come from an organic production method.

The benefits of organic food have not been proven scientifically

Recently, more and more fast food restaurants are bombarding us with commercials about organic food, organic sources, healthy burgers, and so on, all of which, of course, can be ordered in those restaurants. Unfortunately, the truth is much more complex than it seems.

To be clear, there is no study to clearly prove the benefits of organic food on human health. Subsequently, organic fast food might not be healthier than the regular fast food.

If the scientific community still seems divided by this topic, many studies, however, tend to demonstrate the healthier nature of products coming from organic farming.

A lower risk of obesity but not because of the organic sources food

In the largest literature review on the subject, a study published last October in the British journal Environmental Health, the European researchers show, in particular, a 31% decrease in obesity among the consumers of foods from organic farming.

However, this has been proven to be related to the fact that those who consume organic food tend to possess healthier eating habits.

Also, this type of food is less exposed to pesticides and medications, so, the toxic chemical residues are significantly cut off, at least, in comparison with the regular food from industrialized sources. A logical fact because foods from organic sources are naturally grown.

In conclusion, organic fast food is not healthier than regular fast food because the food coming from organic farming doesn’t contain more nutrients. Besides, the origin of the food won’t stop fast food restaurants to use harmful fats, additives, and taste potentiators, all of which being absolutely dangerous for health.



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