Oregano Oil Treatment for SIBO? – Everything You Need to Know About This Natural Antibiotic!

Oregano Oil Treatment for SIBO? – Everything You Need to Know About This Natural Antibiotic!

Unfortunately, not many people know that Oregano oil is not only useful in the kitchen but it has many medical uses as well!

Oregano is a natural antibiotic which is why it’s a great home remedy for a number of different symptoms and illnesses, including bacterial infections.

In fact, it is particularly great for those who struggle with SIBO and other similar gut problems so don’t hesitate to try it out if this is you.

That being said, this article is here to teach you everything you need to know about oregano oil as well as provide you with some great products and links to where you can order them on Amazon.

This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision before buying this miracle herb and hopefully find relief for your gut problems as soon as possible.

How Does it Work?

Oregano, especially in its dried form, can be found on most spice racks out there since it’s such a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

As mentioned before, however, this seasoning can also provide people with a bunch of health benefits due to the fact that it is categorized as a natural antibiotic.

More precisely, you will find that when it comes to its medical properties, oregano is much more effective in its oil form rather than as dried leaves so it’s not enough to just make sure you include the spice in your meals.

Oregano oil has been getting more and more popular lately and it’s no surprise as to why that is!

This miracle ingredient is great for those who struggle with bacterial infections.

And even though its properties are just now getting more attention, oregano has been used as a remedy for thousands of years in many different cultures.

Its main active ingredients are carvacrol and thymol.

Carvacrol is a compound that acts like an antibacterial, fighting a variety of bacteria strains including E.coli, Salmonella, Bacillus, Enterococcus, and Pseudomonas.

Not only that but oregano oil is also quite efficient in fighting both methicillin sensitive and methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) strains.

Not to mention that Carvacrol is also believed to do far less damage to the microbiome when compared to conventional antibiotics.

Finally, carvacrol is just as efficient in fighting Candida (yeast infection) and even some viruses.


At this point, it is probably clear enough just how great oregano oil is when it comes to fighting fungal, bacterial and even viral conditions.

So, here is a comprehensive list of some of the problems it’s good for, including those mentioned before as well as others:


– Bacterial infections

– Dysbiosis

– Yeast infections

– Seasonal cold

– The flu

– Ear infections

– Sinus infections

– Urinary tract infections

– Sore throat

– Bug bites,

– Rashes

– Poison ivy

Oregano Oil v. Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Whenever you need to take any sort of antibiotic, it is normal that you have questions and worries as far as overuse and the possible damage to the good bacteria are concerned.

With that being said, how can oregano oil be compared to the usual antibiotics available on the market?

More precisely, is there an equally high risk that it will affect the good bacteria in your system while fighting bad bacteria and infection?

The answer is quite clear; no matter the natural product, if it’s proven to have the same beneficial effects as the pharmaceutical equivalent, it is always the better choice.

This is the cause due to the fact that natural products such as oregano oil will usually be gentler than prescription drugs on your microbiome, not doing nearly as much damage to the healthy gut bacteria.

The gentler mechanism means a lower risk of suffering from adverse effects patients often experience when they resort to taking prescribed antibiotics.

Some of the most common side effects are: abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea but you’ll find that there are other, more serious ones you may have to deal with as well.

They are: the Steven-Johnson syndrome, severe allergic reactions, tendonitis and an irregular heartbeat.

The even better news is that oregano oil is indeed amongst those natural remedies that have been shown to be just as effective as regular antibiotics in many cases.

Just keep in mind that while it’s clear a high dose of oregano oil does wonders as an antimicrobial, there is still a lot of clinical research to be done on this topic so it’s not 100 percent certain it does spare the good bacteria.

At the same time, there is sufficient animal research, more often than not involving lab rats, that show oregano oil is quite effective.

Besides, to ensure that you don’t cause havoc to your good bacteria, either while taking oregano oil or prescribed antibiotics, you can eat things like fermented foods and yogurt since they encourage the re-population of healthy gut bacteria.

Why Oregano Oil Can Be the Better Choice

Overall, the general consensus seems to be that oregano oil, being a natural product made from a variety of different compounds, is less harmful to the gut when compared to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

But whether that is really the case or not, it’s at least just as efficient so at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with it.

What’s certain is that pharmaceutical antibiotics are really strong and tend to attack all bacteria, both good and bad.

The good bacteria, if you did not know, it’s there to aid in digesting food, support immune health, provide different nutrients for the body and even help regulate our mood!

Pharmaceutical antibiotics contain only one compound, which means it is easier for bacteria to evolve and adapt to them, becoming resistant!

This obviously means that the antibiotic will end up becoming inefficient after repeated use.

On the other hand, oregano oil contains a number of different compounds, causing bacteria to struggle to adapt to it and helping the patient avoid antibiotic resistance in the long run.

All in all, if you are seriously considering using oregano oil to treat things like SIBO or any other bacterial infection, rest assured that it is a great choice.

Potential Side Effects

Even though it appears to be really safe and efficient, it’s still a good idea to explore the potential side effects that may come with the use of oregano oil.

After all, this means that we can have some extra peace of mind or that we are prepared for anything and can make an informed decision before using this natural product.

Despite the limited medical research, it is well known from traditional use that oregano oil is quite a strong and potent natural antibiotic.

Taking any normal amount of it for short periods of time is not considered dangerous in any way but, like with anything else in the world, overdosing on it can still cause some issues.

Moreover, it is not normally recommended to take oregano oil every single day, unless you use it while under the care of a medical expert.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that oregano oil capsules are highly concentrated products as compared to the common dried oregano we all like to use in our cooking.

This means that you should always avoid taking too much of it since it is so strong and could, indeed, cause some issues such as:

– Gastric distress,

– Nausea,

– Vomiting,

– Gastric burning,

– Tissue irritation,

– Possible destruction of the good bacteria in your gut.

In addition, it is also corrosive to the eyes and skin so be careful never to use it on broken skin or near the eyes.

To avoid any issues, make sure you only use oregano oil treatments for a short period of time and never go overboard with the dosage.

Studies do seem to suggest that if you use this strong herb in large quantities, it can, indeed kill good bacteria just like pharmaceutical antibiotics do.

Treating SIBO?

Practitioners tend to use oregano oil to treat SIBO quite often thanks to its strong antimicrobial properties.

In case you are not aware, SIBO stands for “small intestine bacterial overgrowth” and refers to when there is too much bacteria accumulated in the small intestine.

This overgrowth of bacteria in that area leads to a number of different symptoms such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and more!

SIBO is usually caused by one of the following medical issues:

– Structural issues in the bowel

– Slow movement in the intestines

– Malnutrition disorders

– Malabsorption disorders

– Fixing underlying issues causing slow motility

– Drugs that impair motility or GI function

– Immune system dysfunction

Common treatments for SIBO:

– Prokinetics

– Probiotics

– Dietary changes

– Elemental Diet

– Antibiotics

– Oregano oil


In general, most people recommend starting with 200 mg capsules 2 to 3 times a day and to also take them with meals to ensure they are as gentle as possible on your stomach.

You should see results anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks but in some cases, it may take between 4 and 6 weeks to find relief for your symptoms, especially if you’re trying to get rid of something like SIBO.

With that being said, keep in mind that if you do not see results during this time frame, you should probably stop since taking oregano oil is not recommended for more than a few weeks.

This is because prolonged use can cause significant damage to the microbiome due to the fact that oregano oil has a really strong antimicrobial effect.

As mentioned throughout this guide, the research on the benefits of using oregano oil is still quite limited but the more scientists focus on it, the more we’ll learn about its many uses as an alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

To make taking it even easier and safer, here are some recommended dosages depending on what you wish to combat!

– SIBO: 200mg capsules 2 to 3 times per day for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks.

– Sore throat: 200mg capsules 2 to 3 times per day for 7 to 10 days.

– Infections: 200mg capsules 2 to 3 times per day for 7 to 10 days.

– Seasonal cold and the flu: 200mg capsules 2 to 3 times per day for 7 to 10 days.

Ways to Take Oregano Oil

The most common ways to take oregano oil are in capsule or liquid form, although there are a few other less known forms.

If you pick the liquid form, you should also take a so-called “carrier oil” with it, such as olive or coconut oil.

The reason why this is necessary is that it aids with oregano oil’s absorption.

More precisely, you should dilute the oregano oil to a 1:1 ratio with the carrier oil, no matter which one you prefer.

Usually, one or two drops of your mixed oils is enough for one use and the way you should take the mixture should be by putting the drops under the tongue and waiting for a few minutes in order to let them get absorbed really well before finally rinsing your mouth out with water.

Furthermore, to fully benefit from this natural antibiotic, you should choose a carrier oil that is standardized to at least 55 to 70% carvacrol and also take about two drops twice to four times per day.

However, if you prefer to take the oregano oil in capsule form, all you have to do is check the recommended dosage instructions that come with the product. Usually, it’s 200mg, three times a day.

This is obviously the most straightforward way to take oregano oil since all you have to do is take the capsule along with some water, swallowing it whole.

The oregano oil capsules dosage is 200 mg 3x per day

Best Oregano Oil?

Now that you know pretty much all there is to know about this amazing medical herb that can cure all kinds of afflictions including seasonal colds, the flu, sore throats, bacterial infections and most importantly, SIBO, you are ready to check out the list we have provided and make an informed decision.

However, don’t worry if you are still not entirely sure you’re making the right choice as we have made sure to include some of the best products on the market so no matter which one you pick, you won’t go wrong!

All the picks we have included are featured in no particular order, and are grown organically and packaged correctly, two very important requirements when purchasing any herbal product.

    1. Oil of Oregano Extract by Puritan’s Pride

The first product on our list comes in the form of soft gels, which makes it really easy to take.

It is recommended for adult use so be careful to keep away from children.

It is scientifically formulated and the manufacturer promises that their product supports the user’s overall well-being.

It’s also gluten free and non-GMO.

    1. Garden of Life mykind Organics Oil of Oregano Seasonal Drops

The following product comes in the forms of drops so you might want to take it mixed with preferred oil.

It is recommended for adult use as well, and you may be happy to learn that it is vegan and gluten free as well as non-GMO and completely organic.

As for the benefits the manufacturer promises their product will deliver, they mention seasonal , traditional support but with all the modern convenience you wish for!

It contains 34mg of organic oregano leaf extract in a base of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil and also mixed tocopherols from non-GMO sunflower!

Since this product comes in drop form, the taste may also be important for you since you’ll be feeling all of it, as opposed to when you simply swallow a capsule with some water.

Therefore, the manufacturer describes it as being spicy, earthy and mildly bitter, which does not sound too bad.

Not only that but they also mention that their oregano drops are water extracted and contain no alcohol.

The beneficial nutrients come from natural herbs grown on organic farms, ethically and gently extracted when the time is right using nothing else but water, which is the reason why their oregano oil is 100 percent alcohol free.

Keep in mind that with this oil, a little bit really goes a long way.

More precisely, a dose with provide you with 34mg Oregano Oil and 60 percent Carvacrol and 2 percent Thymol.

To take it, all you need to do is dilute it in no more than 6 drops of water.

One amber glass bottle of this product contains no less than 200 different servings so it may just be worth the investment a well!

Furthermore, for your convenience, the bottle features an easy to use dropper.

The mykind Organics Herbal line is made with traceable ingredients only, and is formulated and tested step by step by experts as well as certified by a third party to ensure you get only the best quality.

This also means that your oregano oil drops are carbon neutral, kosher, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO!

    1. 100% Pure Wild Greek Oregano Oil

This 100% Pure Wild Greek Oregano Oil comes in liquid form and is Non-GMO, among other great benefits it offers to buyers.

For instance, as the name also suggests, it is 100 percent pure and undiluted so you may want to make sure you dilute it yourself before taking it.

The manufacturer has ensured their product receives quality testing and that their distillation facility is GMP, ISO 9001 certified.

In addition to that, every order is also accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis.

This Oregano Oil that originates from Greece’s Mediterranean area, has a really high content of Carvacrol (more than 86 percent!)

Its potency and purity are guaranteed.

The product also benefits from food grade quality and is non-GMO, 100 percent pure steam-distilled, and contains no solvents, additives or preservatives!

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with everything you need including the glass bottle with a cup and dropper as well as an extra pipette, just in case!

    1. Teliaoils 100% Organic Oil of Oregano

The Teliaoils oregano oil is 100 percent steam distilled and its quality is certified!

Just like the previous product, it is also made in Greece, which is great news since the Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing oregano naturally and healthily.

In order to retain all of its natural properties, this oil is distilled.

Not only that but it is also 100 percent non-GMO and organic and does not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers.

This oregano oil can be taken aromatically, topically or orally based on only your personal preference, thanks to the manufacturer’s super safe, natural formula.

And in case you are not satisfied with the results, Teliaoils promises a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you literally have nothing to lose!

    1. MAJESTIC PURE Oregano Essential Oil

The Majestic Pure Oregano Essential Oil comes in liquid form from Albania.

It is naturally sourced, pure and non-toxic, having no extra additives to worry about.

Furthermore, it is not filtered or diluted with different fillers.

To make taking it as convenient and easy as possible, this product includes a premium glass dropper as well.

It is extracted from fresh oregano leaves from plants that are native to higher altitudes in the mountains, making it a great option.

After all, the very name, oregano, means “Delight of the mountains” so getting it from the source makes it even more efficient and clean.

Keep in mind that all of these products, including this one, are for adult use only so keep away from children.

Moreover, if you are pregnant, make sure to check with an expert healthcare provider before taking it and in general, you should also avoid contact with the eyes!


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