Official Studies Says that Juices Increases Appetite

Official Studies Says that Juices Increases Appetite

People who consume the liquid variant of a food instead of the solid are more likely to eat afterwards, according to a study by researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette and published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Even if they feel full at the end of the meal, those who drink fluids will get hungry much faster and the body does not record the calories of beverages, experts say quoted by the American publication “Los Angeles Times”.

Milk or cheese

During the research, 120 men and women who consumed a “special lunch” were monitored for three days, and then given food of their choice.

On the first day of the test, study participants consumed chicken sandwiches and a glass of water. On the second and third day, besides sandwiches, they received liquids and their equivalent in solid foods.

Thus, a group consumed protein-rich milk or one serving of cheese, and the other, red melon with carbohydrates or red melon juice.

The third group used coconut with high fat or coconut milk. After lunch, the participants in the study consumed as many sandwiches they wanted.

The results of the research showed that those who chose the solid foods had a lower appetite compared to those who preferred the liquids, although they all sat after lunch.

Thus, those who drank liquids consumed 12% – 20% more calories than others, according to researchers Richard Mattes and Wayne Campbell.

Currently, 20% – 50% of calories are taken from drinks, estimates Barry Popkin, director of the Obesity program at the University of North Carolina.

According to Professor Zhaoping Li of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, this study is more relevant than others that have previously compared to solid foods and different nutritionally liquids.


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