No-Cook, Fast and Yummy Vegan Meals

No-Cook, Fast and Yummy Vegan Meals

For those who do not fancy spending all day in the kitchen, but at the same time they want to eat something delicious, five vegan recipes will be presented bellow.

Life in general, working, socializing and chores are time-consuming. It is no surprise that most people want to relax and eat a yummy treat when getting home.

Mix and enjoy

All it takes for a quick meal is a batch of quinoa, water and you favorite fruits and veggies. The Incas’ cereal is easy to cook and very healthy as well, especially if you add green salad, tomatoes, avocados, olives and dry fruits. Talk about a yummy salad!!! You can cook a batch and everyday mix different veggies and fruits and create new salads.

Smoothie fun

To have a delicious and nutritious breakfast, what you need to do is to mix yoghurt with your favorite frozen fruits or veggies. The yoghurt or milk can be of any type: almond, coconut etc. Just make sure to prepare during the weekend and freeze your favorite fruits and veggies and add theme each morning to the shaker with the yoghurt.

Wraps and sandwiches

Have fun inventing new wraps and sandwiches, play with the ingredients and even stick to popular ones. You can choose your favorite veggies and plan your week.

Pasta fiesta

Have you ever thought about making your own veggie pasta? All you need is to turn your favorite fresh veggies into noodles. There are even special tools for that which will make the process fun and super fast.


Non-dairy yogurt or cashew cream can make your snacks a happy and yummy moment. All you need to add are your favorite fruits. Be creative!

As notices, these recipes do not imply cooking the ingredients with heat. All you need to do is plan ahead, buy veggies, fruits, nuts and non-dairy milk and yoghurt and you’re ready.


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