A New Study Finds That Depression Can Be Reduced With Fruits And Vegetables

A New Study Finds That Depression Can Be Reduced With Fruits And Vegetables

Depression is considered the psychological disorder of the century. Many of those who suffer from depression on for medications and psychotherapy. However, a new study reveals that depression can be reduced with fruits and vegetables.

Depression is a disease that has major risks not only for mental health but also for patients’ lives because it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Causes of depression are not fully elucidated, but it seems to be very important. The most important causes of depression are sad events, food deficiencies, endocrine disorders, and genetic factors.

Fruits fight depression
Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber, and antioxidants.

Purple fruits are considered to have the most powerful antioxidant in their content, namely, the resveratrol.

Vegetables treat depression
Vegetables are richer in minerals, trace elements and sometimes even fiber compared to fruits that often contain more vitamins.

Vegetables also contain a number of active substances with multiple roles in the body. Vegetables can also contain plant vitamin D and also have a strong detoxifying role.

Depression can be reduced with fruits and vegetables

A crew of American scientists conducted a research on depression and how it can be retained.

The research involved 964 people who have been monitored for approximately 7 years. During that period of time, the participants were asked to participate in surveys aiming to depict what type of foods they ate.

Scientists have also observed the dietary habits the subjects in the study had.

Some participants followed the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), while others followed the Mediterranean diet characterized by the eating of fruits and vegetables. There have also been participants who followed unhealthy diets, based on large amounts of saturated fats and red meat.

Subject patients who have eaten large amounts of fruits and vegetables decreased the risks of developing depression by 11%. The worsts results came from the group that based its consumption practices on unhealthy foods.

In conclusion, depression can be reduced with fruits and vegetables.


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