How Much Money You Need In Order To Eat Healthy

How Much Money You Need In Order To Eat Healthy

We all are aware that a healthy lifestyle is all the time accompanied by a healthy diet. Experts consider that this type of diet should include fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts. However, a new study found that the quality of food is extremely important in order to see the benefits.

This study was conducted by Italian researchers and focused on the impact the Mediterranean diet has on individual’s heart condition, more precisely on reducing the risk of heart disease. It took the researchers four years and 18 000 participants to come up with this conclusion. Moreover, a derivate outcome of this study was finding that sticking to the diet and lowering the risk of heart disease was only effective on people with a household income of £35 000.

The explanation they offered is that people with more financial advantages are likely to be able to buy high-quality products or better quality food.

Dr. Marialaura Bonaccio, who is a researcher at the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention, stated that this study is the first to find a connection between the cardiovascular benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the socioeconomic factor.

For instance, an individual with a low socioeconomic position is less likely to have the same benefits as a person with a higher status, even though they both adhere to the same diet.

The Direction of the Neurological Mediterranean Institute, Dr. De Gaetano, stated that the message that Mediterranean diet is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, needs to change. He also suggested that this message should be changed because there is little access to quality food for those with lower income.

Moreover, Dr. Tim Chico who works at in Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Sheffield concluded that this discrepancy is extremely depressing since people with lower socioeconomic status and lower education are more likely to experience the risk of heart disease.


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