Most Americans Have a Much Less Healthy Diet Than They Consider

Most Americans Have a Much Less Healthy Diet Than They Consider

Most people like to believe that they’re already knocking themselves out when it comes to eating the healthiest meals possible. But is that really what they do? Learning how to truly eat healthily can require a lot of documentation. Also, having too many snacks while you’re taking a chill pill and watching your favorite TV show isn’t exactly the best way to eat healthy.

Finding out what your body really needs when it comes to food is also difficult. Not everybody and every body are the same – some people go well with veganism, others adopt a ketogenic diet, diabetics aren’t allowed to approach meals that are high in sugar, and so on. Eating just about everything but the kitchen sink any time you get the chance is certainly not a good option.

Research on over 9,700 people brings a concerning result

According to The Hill, a preliminary study on more than 9,700 individuals reveals that most of those living in the US like to believe that their diet is a lot healthier than it is in reality. 8,000 of these people have mistakenly classified the quality of what foods they consume. 

Jessica Thomson, the lead author of the new research, explained as quotes:

We found that only a small percentage of U.S. adults can accurately assess the healthfulness of their diet, and interestingly, it’s mostly those who perceive their diet as poor who are able to accurately assess their diet.

She also added, as the same source quotes:

Additionally, most adults overrate the quality of their diet, sometimes to a substantial degree.

A better understanding is still needed when it comes to determining what people consider to be healthy diets or not.

The new findings were presented at The American Society of Nutrition.

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