Morning Drinks Good for Gut Health

Morning Drinks Good for Gut Health

Having a healthy gut is really important. This is because when your gut microbiome is unbalanced, having more bad bacteria than good, you are at high risk for developing a variety of diseases.

More precisely, it may lead to inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and even colon cancer!

However, the good news is that there are everyday things you can do to make sure your gut is in top shape, some of which include watching what you eat and drink.

A healthy, balanced diet can really make a difference so if you’re struggling with your gut health or are worried about it in general, make sure to follow a few expert tips!

Spokesperson for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Jen Bruning, talked to EatThis, giving those interested some valuable tips on drinking habits that can really help with gut health!

  1. Hydrate!

You might know this by now but Bruning made sure to stress just how vital it is that we consume enough water, especially in the morning.

That’s right! Drinking water first thing after waking up can really get your day going, setting you up for success and keeping your gut healthy.

“Were dehydrated when we first wake up, so drinking water in the morning is crucial for getting us to perform at our best. Plus, dehydration can also cause constipation, because fiber needs liquid to do its job,” the expert shares with the outlet.

  1. Get Caffeinated

A cup of coffee in the morning is good for you – which is great news for fans of this miracle drink.

Bruning explains that “A cup of coffee can help you stay regular. And since it is normally consumed in the morning, it’s earned its place on this list! Decaf coffee can stimulate the body to move its bowels as well. Drinking coffee might even positively affect the composition of our gut microbiome.”

Of course, she also notes that moderation is important when it comes to drinking coffee so don’t overdo it!

  1. Try Fiber-Rich Drinks

Fiber is the very key to a healthy bowel and soluble fiber can really improve digestion so start the day with a fiber-rich drink like tomato or prune juice.

Mixing a fiber supplement into any sort of juice or even water is also a good idea!


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