Mint Cream Health Benefits – Great For Digestion, Relaxation, And Even For A Fresh Breath

Mint Cream Health Benefits – Great For Digestion, Relaxation, And Even For A Fresh Breath

The mint cream is an excellent decorative element and a complement of flavors when making desserts. Its fundamental characteristic is the sensation of freshness and lightness that it gives to the preparations and it can be prepared very fast and easy. Besides, it’s beneficial for digestion but also for the skin if applied externally.

Mint cream health benefits

For its aromatic characteristics, mint has a privileged place in the preparation of desserts and drinks. But this plant is also edible and has a set of interesting health benefits.

One of the fundamental characteristics of mint is its ability to naturally enhance digestion. It helps the elimination of intestinal gases, reduces the acidity in the stomach, and eliminates nausea.

Mint cream is also effective to decongest the respiratory tract and generates relief in colds. In addition, it is an effective method to eliminate bad breath and also has a soothing effect as it is a natural relaxant. Even more, mint has proven effectiveness against anxiety.

Also, mint contains a good amount of minerals important to the body such as folic acid and potassium. Likewise, it is a rich source of vitamin A.

Mint cream recipe

To prepare mint cream all you’ll need are 280 grams of butter, fresh mint leaves (or 8 drops of mint essence, even though it will reduce its health benefits), and 500 grams of sugar (if you plan to use it in cakes or other desserts).

If you plan to apply the mint cream on your skin or you’re following a weight loss diet, then you can cut off adding sugar.

First, bring the butter to the room temperature and mix it until it gets a creamy consistency. Then, add the fresh mint leaves after you’ve blended them thoroughly. Mix again the composition until it homogenizes.

This mint cream can be used as a filling or cake decoration. The uses are diverse and it has good duration if it is packaged in an appropriate way. Besides, it will help with your digestion and will make your breath smell fresh.


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