Mango Cart Beer: How Good Is It?

Mango Cart Beer: How Good Is It?

Being the lord of the drinks when it comes to beer is certainly not a good idea if you care about your health. Large amounts of such beverage adds extra stress on your liver, which, over time, could lead to cirrhosis.

However, it’s also a fact that consuming beer in moderation is associated with certain potential benefits for human health. Even so, we must keep in mind that these possible health benefits are regularly outweighed by the risks that come with heavy drinking.

It’s now time to focus our attention on mango cart beer, which is, as you’ve already guessed, a fruit-infused beer made by the 21st Amendment Brewery from San Leandro (California). This beer has a mango flavor, which assures a distinctive taste and aroma.

Let’s learn about some of the basics regarding mango cart beer, shall we?


Mango cart beer is known for its aromatic introduction that will captivate the senses of those who love the taste of fruits mixed with the sweet bitterness of beer. Ripe manga fragrances will fill the air as soon as you open the can’s seal containing the mango cart beer.


You know what they say that looks can be deceiving; well, it’s not the case here. After you pour mango cart beer into a glass, you will get to admire a hazy and golden hue, hinting at the mango infusion. That’s certainly not an ordinary appearance for a beer.


The essence of mango will conquer the drinker immediately as soon as he starts enjoying the mango cart beer. The flavor is placed somewhere between sweetness and tartness. The flavor is not drowning in sweetness, although you might be tempted to believe otherwise if you haven’t tried mango cart beer before. There’s also a fairly subtle interplay of wheat and malt, leading to a well-rounded flavor.


Mango cart beer is also known for having a light-to-medium body with an easy-drinking and silky-smooth texture. The carbonation enhances the refreshment without becoming too effervescent.

Bottom line

Mango cart beer is certainly not for those who prefer raw beer without any fruit flavors. As for the others who prefer a little exotic taste in their alcoholic beverages, mango cart beer may be exactly what they’re looking for. This drink can be perfect for a day at the beach, a summer vacation, or any casual get-together where you want a beer that offers something more than the ordinary.

Although mango cart beer is not for everyone, it’s certainly a drink that deserves to be tried at least once in a lifetime.

It might not come as a surprise to you that mango cart beer is usually classified as a fruit beer or a wheat beer.


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