Is Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder a Good Alternative to Real Strawberries?

Is Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder a Good Alternative to Real Strawberries?

Did you know that there is another way to take advantage of the flavorful burst and the many health advantages of strawberries all year long? The product: a strawberry powder that has been freeze-dried. This nifty pinkish powder has anti-inflammatory properties and is also safe for diabetics, which is very excellent news. Continue reading to learn about the health advantages of freeze-dried strawberry powder as well as how to use it, no matter the season.

What is the Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder?

Strawberry powder that has been freeze-dried to its purest form has only one component: the fruit itself. The bright pink powder that you see here is formed from dehydrated strawberries that have been crushed up very finely using a blender.

The fact that the product does not contain any extra ingredients means that it may be used as a healthy supplement in a wide variety of dishes and beverages. This is the finest part of the product.

The consumption of strawberries as part of a healthy diet has been shown to provide a number of astonishing and important health advantages. Check out some of them below:

1) Anti-inflammatory

Consuming this powder can have a significant positive impact on both your cardiovascular and neurological health, as stated by Elysia Cartlidge, MAN, RD, founder of Healthy Kids Recipes and Haute & Healthy Living. Cartlidge is a registered dietitian:

Strawberry powder contains [antioxidants including] anthocyanins and polyphenols; […], which possess anti-inflammatory properties, thus contributing to heart health and improved brain function.

That is so great, right?

2) Reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol

Research that was conducted back in 2015 discovered that individuals who drank 32 grams of strawberry powder every day for a period of one month showed promising effects for decreasing their levels of LDL, sometimes known as “bad” cholesterol. This amount is equivalent to slightly more than two tablespoons.

3) Suitable for diabetics to consume

Because strawberry powder possesses a low glycemic index, it is quite unlikely that it would impact the levels of sugar in your blood. Because of this, you won’t need to be concerned about an increase in your blood sugar after consuming this powder (great!).

How exactly should the strawberry powder be utilized?

Try making smoothies with freeze-dried strawberry powder by including one or two tablespoons of the powder in the blender with your other preferred ingredients. Additionally, if you want to make a one-of-a-kind and tasty salad dressing, you can mix a tiny quantity of strawberry powder with a dash of balsamic vinegar, three tablespoons of olive oil, and any herbs that you want. That is just wonderful!


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